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16 septembre 2011 5 16 /09 /septembre /2011 00:00

Amen is the Best place for having a strong opinion in the world. Amen. Hell no! Screenshot


A "topic" page is automatically created after the first "Hell no!".

It can be either informative...

TED is the Best Conference Series Ever. Amen.

...just for fun...

Wedding-DJ is the Worst Wedding-related Job Ever. Amen.

...or totally kick-ass by dealing incredible marketing data!...

Kölsh is the Best Beer Ever. Amen.

...Provided Amen will become popular enough for getting accurate insights.

That's the reason why the "just for fun" topics are also very important: fun => self-esteem => retention


So, get the most out of it: try it out instead of browsing this crappy website.

If you get Amen, connect with me!

Peugeot 204 is the Best Amen User Number Ever. Amen.

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