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21 juillet 2011 4 21 /07 /juillet /2011 00:00

Short notice about a tiny little trick I've done to try to find a job.

"Trick" is my shorten for "Campaign".

"Notice" is my shorten for "Post".


Objective (Why?):

- Finding a job within the Digital Communication field. Giving value to some Brand Image.

- Having fun, meanwhile.


Target (How?):

- People who have good friends in Ad Agencies, Gaming Companies, Innovative Startups, ... => Berlin's new economy landscape.

- These influencers do have smartphones.

- They like playing around, exploring what this device has to offer.


Dispositive (What?):

- My company was holding its annual Summer Party.

So I thought about handing over my CV during the party.

But in a confortable and still-elegant way. The Flashcode was the key.



We want pictures to look at!


So, of course, I carried it on myself. (Violet is my Company's color.)

I obviously look like a corporate asshole.

But this was meant to drive a bit more attention. And was fun. FLASHCODE_ME_I_WANT_A_JOB_3.png

"Flashcode me" and you're lead to this page, where you can recommend me to your good friends.



In addition, I put a few papers all around the club, saying "This guy is looking for a job in Digital Communication. Here is his CV http://tiny.cc/hereismycv/ (with a flashcode instead of this link)"



- Have been f****coded a few times.

- Still had fun during the party. As a piece of evidence, I can't remember how many times I've been f****coded.

- Got 24 "Recommend" so far on my online application: http://tiny.cc/myapplication/ Hope they'll be valuable!

- Can do a blogpost about it, wuhu!


This is a bit of a bitchy show-off. And if I wanted it to be fully efficient, I perhaps would do it with other people than my current coworkers. But it was most of all for fun.

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Camille 27/07/2011 14:06

Hugooooo tu gères!!!

Ugo sans H 27/07/2011 17:06