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28 juin 2012 4 28 /06 /juin /2012 00:00

Don't you think there's a good chance for you to know someone who's a bit like you? Okay. Now if you could make this person happy and make your former company happy, you'll probably do this... That's why I wrote the blogpost you're about to read.

Yes, your Dream Job. Well... provided you are like me, passionate in Innovation and Advertising (more specifically in Gaming and Community Management), this is indeed your dream job! So if I were you, I wouldn't read any further and click one of the friendly pics in this post.

Nope, not that one:

imagination as a main added-value at work storytelling post


That's something I wrote just before joining Wooga in February 2011. It seems like it's been ages ago, as Wooga achieved a lot since then. So, let's talk about your future company...

They do Social Games. Like... hum... a few other ones. But if you mention 3 top-companies that do games on Facebook, you'll have to say "Wooga".




 Sorry!, other companies I worked at, but I simply have never seen such a sane atmosphere and so many smiles in a single office. The company went from #8 Social Gaming company by Daily Active User to #2, during the 6 month I spent there. It also went from 50 to 100 employees during the same period. They now just welcomed their 200th employee, and - obviously - they're working hard on keeping that pace, as their games become more and more popular...

So how come they became so popular in a market that's super competitive? From what I understand, Wooga first built its success on 3 things: data-data-data (that was the first thing), cute characters and localization. As their biggest competitors are Americans, Wooga had to step out and use a competitive advantage: being European, making games for European people and writing great texts in European languages.


You will likely build your success at Wooga on bringing your imagination with you and make it face metrics. You'll be committed to your community, you'll be creative and fun, you'll invent Social Media twists, write in an engaging and honest way. And while you'll do that, the left part of your brain will look at the left part of your display: metrics-metrics-metrics.

Your KPIs will be trafic. But also engagement, brand image and fun. To help you with that, Wooga will give you an asset of a few rules... which will make you free from any other barrier your mind made up in the past.

Believe me, a creative mind makes an interesting combination with a data driven culture. Which is truly beneficial for both sides - of your brain.




Wooga is a great company to work at, really. Clément is a great friend to hang out with, really.

(Plus, let's not even talk about the city of Berlin!)

Want to reach out with people at Wooga? Again - go there: http://www.wooga.com/jobs/offers/community-specialist/

Want to chat more casually? I'm your man, and the Comment section is your friend.

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