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16 novembre 2011 3 16 /11 /novembre /2011 00:00

During the last few years, you've been seeing more and more URLs on your TV. You're now used to it and that's natural. But, as the world goes round, we've all came to a circle. This mechanic gets upside down, helped by the Daily Appointment dynamic coming from the gaming industry.

Lots of communication professionals have been wondering about interactions between different media. Especially between the TV and the Digital.

Offline, then Online

While traditional TV news broadcasts feed you, the Web goes the way you mean to use it. You follow the TV. The Web follows your will. That's a basic situation: at the end of a TV report, you can see an URL inviting you to go further online: simply because not everyone is interested in the given topic.


The French/German channel Arte often redirects to its numerous & rich portals


It's then up to you to find more content or to decide that you've had enough with what you've seen on TV already. Offline, then Online. Mainstream, then Customized.

The Daily Reward in Social Games

Social Games give a lot to learn to all the entrepreneurs, entertainers and communication professionals of this world, as this phenomenon shows a dramatic growth and a huge penetration in our societies. This "Daily Appointment" thing is introduced by several professionals as one of the key dynamics that make a Social Game successful. It's an answer to the question: Are people going to come back to the game the day after?


The Daily Lottery from Bubble Island is a way to give players a regular appointment, in order to stick them to the game.


The used KPI for this matter is called the well-appointed "sticky factor" (a.k.a. Daily Active Users in proportion of Monthly Active Users), see Appdata.

The Daily Appointment in Advertising

Probably inspired by the gaming world, a few Online Communication Campaigns happen to include the daily appointment as a core component. Nokia with The Amazing Calls, as well as Mc Donald's/Monopoly with The Trailer Course deserve to be called Online Events.



Short explanation if you don't get French

Nokia made their new phone ring once a day, everyday during 7 days on their website. The very first user picking it up was rewarded with "something amazing". A pretty noisy campaign from Buzzman agency.

Monopoly and McDonald's are definitely friends, as they launch collaborative campaign once again. Everyday at a given time (19:45), users are intended to meet on YouTube and we'd better be there to find out why.


Back to the Offline

We've finally come full circle when in the end of a TV news report, we're invited to "come back tomorrow" to go further into one topic... Offline, then.


  Marie Labory in Arte Journal 14/11/2011, as she says:

"Pour en savoir plus, revenez nous voir demain" // "Want to know more about this? Come back tomorrow"


No URL, just a daily appointment. Back on TV. This world definitely goes round.


By the way, the above Arte screenshots are - ironically? - taken from their VOD platform: http://videos.arte.tv/

The Bubble Island screenshot comes from wooga's Bubble Island on Facebook

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